Invisalign Day 3 – SO. MUCH. DROOL.

I’m well into my third day with Invisalign, and already they are feeling much more comfortable. Yesterday, I totaled about 21.5 hours with them in (with breaks for breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee, dinner and bedtime prep), and so far today, I’m on track for 22+ hours of wear. My biggest complaint today has been the drooling, which is abundant! I have to swallow constantly while talking to get rid of  the excess drool. It’s gross and I feel like a dork.

Removing them is getting a little easier, but my finger tips are raw from digging into the plastic.



  1. Tim Huff says:

    I just started my first Invisalign tray a few hours ago, and I totally wasn’t expecting the drooling! Very annoying! When did it go away for you? After 4-5 days?


    • Hi Tim,

      Yes – it has gone away! I think it took a little longer than 4 or 5 days, but I believe that by the time I started my second set of aligners, things were OK. I’m on aligners #6 now and barely even notice they’re on. :)


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