Progress Report

I’m really loving how the house is turning out:

The copper cap for the door surround was installed yesterday (there’s a protective plank covering it in this photo). The trickiest part for our contractor will be installing the fascia board up at the top corner where our electrical wire meets the house.

Once this project is done, all that’s left will be adding shutters. We’ve got our old black shutters covered in a tarp in the back yard – we’ll be putting those back on the sides of the house. They’re a tad too wide for the width of our window openings, but they’ll never be closed. However, the top three windows on the front of the house need 14″ x 51.5″ shutters since the center false window needs shutters to fit perfectly in the opening. For the ganged windows, we’ll have to fashion some bi-fold shutters out of 14″x51.5″ shutters so they’ll appear to be functional.



  1. so glad i found your blog. we are in the process of redoing our light silver grey siding and was thinking of going “Portsmouth Blue” vinyl from Mastic. I’m not sure if I have as much courage as you! Was it a big change or decision to make for you?
    If we go with Portsmouth Blue (a dark blueish green) I questioning the color shutters. I do like you black shutters on the google sketch up but looking at the current picture you have, I REALLY like your house with no shutters. That crisp white is really pretty. I’m not sure if we are going to do darker grey blue shutters or black.

    Your house looks great and is giving me tons of encouragement!

    • Hi Jen,

      It took me quite a few months to finally decide on a color – at the beginning of the process, I never thought I would have ended up with a dark blue! So yes, it was a big decision. I found equivalent paint colors and painted fairly large samples of colors on all sides of my house (I’m sure the neighbors thought/think I’m crazy) – this helped a lot. I made sure to look at the color at various times of day to make sure I could handle it in different lighting conditions.

      A lot of people like the house without shutters … I do, too, but I’ve kind of locked myself into them since I placed that false window on the second floor for symmetry. :)

      It does seem that shutter color options are fairly limited when you choose a dark blue like I’ve done. I saw an example on Pinterest with pumpkin-colored shutters which was suprisingly nice looking.

  2. nestor arroyo says:

    hi jenny, discovered your web site while googling hardie’s evening blue siding. your house looks amazing; very bold blue. renovating my house ; just ordered andersen windows with a red exterior, and we’re leaning towards the evening blue for the siding. our town in 90% beige siding and 98% white windows, so we have no idea what the red/blue combo would look like. how did you end up going with the evening blue? thank you.

    • Nestor – I’m so jealous of your window choices. If I could turn the clock back, I NEVER would have selected the cheapo white vinyl windows we have now (they were installed almost two years ago). I think that the red windows and evening blue siding sounds great … kind of nautical. I plan to get some window boxes for my home and plant red geraniums – I love the look of dark blue & red together.

      Are you blogging your renovation? I’d love to see it!

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