Julianna’s room on Ohdeedoh.com – vote for us!

I’ve entered a few pictures of Julianna’s playroom in Ohdeedoh.com’s nursery colors contest. Check it out and vote for us! The 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes are a crib, toddler bed and children’s table with 2 chairs, respectively, from Argington furniture.

Here’s my first photo:

I am, of course, proud of the room but I think I also have an advantage in the fact that I may have a little more experience with photography than the other entrants. It’s amazing how much better a room looks when you put the camera on a tripod and only allow natural light (no overhead lighting, no flash on camera).

I think this room is a testament to how much color can compensate for a limited budget. The only items that were bought especially for the nursery are the IKEA Malm dressers and the Wal-Mart rocker – everything else came from other rooms in the house. The most expensive item in this room is the rocker, which was only around $150! I discovered I needed a good, comfortable rocker when Julianna was born and I began nursing with c-section pain. The second priciest item is the Eames (actually, it’s a 1960s knockoff from a company called Krueger) chair, which I picked up on eBay. The chrome legs were rusted and peeling, so I recovered them with black duct tape. You can’t tell unless you get up close. The 1950s turquoise ottoman was my grandmother’s and it’s been in my family for a loooong time. Andrew gave me the blue lamps as a birthday present a few years ago – they’re from the Crate & Barrel outlet in Kittery, ME. The curtains and floor lamp are from IKEA.

The artwork above the “Eames” chair is by Charley Harper (very trendy right now). Sitting on the chair is Andrew’s old teddy bear, “Mici Macko” (Winnie the Pooh in Hungarian) and my old Paddington Bear. The white children’s rocker was a gift from my grandparents to me when I was born.

The striped bins are a Pottery Barn purchase from a few years back. The orange leather-covered box was a Christmas gift from my mom – I think it’s from TJ Maxx. The artwork is all mine – I created the silhouettes from vintage postcard photos, except for the dog image – that’s actually our dog, Bingo. We had some old frames laying around and I decided to paint them with Benjamin Moore Color Samples. I created the artwork, painted the frames and designed this arrangement rather quickly and explicitly for this contest. When I find the time, I’ll tweak the colors in the artwork a little more to my liking.

Thanks for looking!



  1. super cute! i voted for you. is the large charley harper on canvas? may i ask where you found it?

  2. Hi d – thanks for voting for me! I reproduced the Charley Harper print in Adobe Illustrator and then had it printed on canvas from one of those big online printing companies – can’t remember which one, it was quite a while ago.

  3. I am DEFINITELY voting for your room.

    Do you mind if I post your room pictures and/or website link on my blog? No worries if you say no.

  4. Holy cow! I just stumbled upon your blog via an image search for anemone light. I love this room! What is the color on the walls?

  5. I followed the link to Odeedoh and answered my own question! Again, beautiful!

  6. Hello!

    I saw these pictures on Flickr and would like to show them at a Brazilian Magazine, where I work as a columnist. It would inspire the readers!

    Could I use your pictures and refer to your great work for your daughter? Could you send me 2 pictures in high resolution?

    Waiting from you with my fingers crossed,

  7. Do you find that you still like the rocker after using it for a while? I made my husband promise me one when we had Baby #2, and as I just found out we’re expecting, I wanted to see if you thought it held up. Also, do you have it slipcovered, or not? None of the slipcovers are available on walmart.com right now. :(

  8. TOTALLY inspired by your nursery – it’s amazing!!! I was already planning to purchase the Walmart rocker before seeing this and I’m so happy to see it in such a fabulous nursery! One question, what kind of crib bedding did you use? I just purchased the Nurseryworks Macaroni Pumpkin bedding today via Ebay (way cheaper than retail). It’s a very bright orange set so I’m just curious to know what kind of bedding you paired with your bright colors and colorful patterned curtains?

  9. I found this picture on someone else’s website and fell completely in love with it! I have been looking for these curtains for almost 2 years now and can not find them at all on Ikea’s website!! By any chance could you be a bit more specific on where you got them? Like maybe a website so I could order them???

  10. @ Lauren – I also purchased the Nurseryworks Macaroni Pumpkin bedding on Ebay recently, but only got the crib skirt and quilt. Do you happen to want to sell the set you have? Or to sell just the pillow, sheet and bumper by chance? :)

  11. Do you know the name of those super cute IKEA curtains you used in Julianna’s room? They are precious and I can’t seem to find them anywhere!! Oh, and color of paint for the room? Thanks bunches!!

    • Hi Dawn! I can’t remember the name of the curtains, but I do know that IKEA no longer sells them. :( Keep an eye on eBay – maybe someone will list them one of these days. The color of the room is “Apple Green” by Benjamin Moore. Word of caution – it is VERY bright. My 2-year-old son inherited the room, and I think we’ve all grown a bit tired of it. I might be re-painting soon!

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