Decisions, decisions …

Our kitchen is still unfinished … no backsplash, no central light fixture, no window treatment. I’ve been having fun with Mosaic Tile Supplies‘ “Mosaic Maximizer” and have come up with some tile blends that might work for our kitchen backsplash. I’m also trying to decide what to do about the walls in the adjacent mud room. For the past year, I’ve been planning on painting the walls either the same blue as in the kitchen or some sort of orange. But then I saw this wallpaper, “Stem,” from Orla Kiely at Anthropologie and am reconsidering. I’ve mocked it up in Google Sketchup, as you can see in 2 of the 3 pictures below. I like it, and I don’t think the pattern is too much when paired with the checkerboard floor. But I worry that it competes too much with the pattern in the backsplash – especially if I go with a rainbow of colors for the backsplash. Sometimes I think I should just stick to Google Sketchup, because I’m just too afraid of commitment!



  1. I wish I had your sketchup skillz :)

    I love the first one with the red, white, and blue tiles. That’s like my favorite color combo, though, so I suppose I’m biased. Still, it would be cool that your backsplash would match my bedroom.

  2. I have to say, I’m partial to the rainbow blend. At our (now former) home, we used Hakatai tiles (not sure how the prices compare, but you could check into it) and I designed a custom blend with red, white, and two shades of brown. It was great, and fit the bright red and deep brown cabinets well, but I always felt compelled to be super matchy-matchy. The red KitchenAid mixer? That can stay. Cool vintage platter? Nope, sorry, doesn’t match.

    We now live in a 1950s Blaine Drake home with original birch panels all over, including the kitchen, which is painted a cool vintage pale blue. I feel so liberated! I can use my red and orange stuff from the old kitchen, but also other colors, as well. The rainbow blend would allow for freedom if you suddenly decide to go with cool green stuff years from now.

    As to the wallpaper – I do love the pattern, but it’s a bit “now,” which means that in a few years it’ll be a bit “then.” Even buses in Japan are using it!

    Also, your sketchup skills rock my

  3. Jae’s firm might need you to freelance for them sometime ;) Julianna is SO CUTE!

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