Arranging the living room

I’ve had thinking about a new furniture arrangement for our living room. Ever since we bought our house, I’ve been struggling to come up with a layout that works. The biggest issue is the piano – I really feel like it needs to remain in the back of the room since it’s so honking big. Also, with a grand piano, it needs to face a certain direction so that the lid opens towards the audience and not towards a wall. The fireplace, which we don’t use, just seems to be an impediment. The IKEA Lack bookcase isn’t really cutting it – it’s difficult to arrange books in it and is probably better used as a display case or an artfully designed bookcase/display case hybrid.

Here’s the current layout (designed in Google Sketchup – all pieces are to scale). The arrow represents the entry way:

In Sketchup, I recently came up with a layout that works much better, I think. I’ve placed IKEA Billy book cases (which we don’t have yet) against the far wall flanking the oddly-sized windows we have back there. I’ve moved the piano to a less than ideal position, but I think in the grand scheme of things, the room is a lot more comfortable this way. Unfortunately, it does block the fireplace a bit and I’m not sure how I’m going to like that. I kind of wish we could get rid of the fireplace altogether.

Here’s the improved layout:

If anyone has any suggestions, I’d welcome the advice!



  1. I like the new layout a lot. If the piano-fireplace bugs you, how about flipping the room. You could put the bookshelves to the other wall, with the low ones both moved under the big window. That would give you room to move the piano back toward the right wall a bit so it wouldn’t be in front of the fireplace. Then the table/cabinet under the left wall could move to like the top right? That would probably force you to lose some book shelves and honestly, I have no idea if it would look any good :) But I’m full of suggestions!

  2. How about adjusting the new layout slightly? Move the whole couch/chairs set down, centered on the fireplace. is there then enough room to move the piano back to the top corner – at more of an angle?

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