Next stop: the nursery

Now that I’m safely into my 2nd trimester, I’ve decided to get started on the nursery. Right now I’m looking at a nursery set from Wal-Mart (!), which is actually not bad. The style is called “Roxanne” from their Modern Nursery Collection. I’m really not sure how I want to decorate the room yet, so I’ve just started fooling around with Google Sketchup to come up with some ideas. Here’s my first stab at it:


Heard the heartbeat today

Today Andrew and I heard our baby’s heartbeat at our 13-week appointment with the doctor. The heartrate was a healthy 160 bpm. Everything checked out well and I’ll be having my “big” ultrasound on June 20 to find out the baby’s sex. I’m planning on renting a fetal doppler monitor so I can check up on the baby regularly and entertain myself at the same time.

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12 weeks pregnant

I went to get my “nuchal translucency” screening ultrasound yesterday and got to see the baby looking much more like a baby. At first, it appeared to be sleeping, but after I laughed while laying on the examination table, the baby woke up and became quite active. We saw it wave its arms and legs and flip around. It’s hard to believe this is real!

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Knocked up

As if life couldn’t get any more interesting with a never-ending kitchen remodel, I’m pregnant. I’m a little over 10 weeks now and so far it’s been smooth sailing. We’re all thrilled about it and I’m excited to get started on planning the nursery … of course, after the kitchen is finished.

Our baby, due around November 30:

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